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Imagine walking into a serine atmosphere and all of a sudden your shoulders become less tense, your heart rate slows a little, and you feel an over all sense of peace. That’s how I felt when I walked into Zenbar.

Zenbar is a natural healing studio located in South Oakville, literally minutes away from our condo. When we first moved into the area, I noticed its big gold lettering right away and it obviously sparked my curiosity. However it wasn’t until when Shaun and I were gearing up to head home from our PEI roadie (post coming soon, I promise), that I thought what better way to end our vacation than with a spa visit before heading back to work. So that’s just what I did! The owner of Zenbar, Carrie, was an absolute pleasure to speak with and she set me up with the best of the best in her studio. She was beyond accommodating to my schedule and didn’t bat an eye when I needed to reschedule from pulling my back. I went in for their Oxygeneo facial and a pod treatment and OH.MY.GOODNESS!

I’ll shyly admit that this was my first facial ever but boy, did they ever set the bar high (pun intended). Although I’m new to the facial team, I’m no stranger to spas and the atmosphere inside Zenbar was in fact, pretty zen. Right when I walked in I was greeted by two lovely ladies who were more than happy to show me the change rooms and where I could store my belongings. I was given flip flops and what I assure you was the softest, comfiest robe I’ve ever worn. After getting decked out in my gear, I was walked over to their lounge where I sipped on water and filled out some paper work. Not long after, Amber my practitioner came in to get me. She took me to the room and went over what she’d be doing and what the experience would feel like. She also asked me about my skin care routine and put the warmer on in the bed for me so the sheets were nice and toasty for when I slid in.

Before she proceeded, Amber explained that people typically fall asleep during the blissful 60 minutes and admittedly so, for a bit there I was one of them. As she began, I noticed right away that her hands were those of a facial goddess. Her hands were super soft and her movements around my face were flawless. She massaged circles around my eyes and that alone was quite an experience. It was such an amazing feeling and who would have thought how much stress you carry in your face?! Below is a description from their website about what my facial entailed:

The Oxygeneo machine combines an oxygen facial, a mineral infusion, and a completely sterile form of microdermabrasion into ONE treatment. You can expect softer, brighter, and smoother skin immediately following your visit.

The benefits of this facial are incredible and leave your skin plumped and hydrated, it revitalizes a dull complexion, firms the skin, and tightens pores, just to name a few. Throughout the facial, she applied three different types of masks and spent a fair amount of time exfoliating my face with the microdermabrasion wand, concentrating on my problematic spots I told her about. She also did some extractions on my face which I was happy to leave behind. The whole facial felt amazing and all I kept thinking was, “how have I never done this before?!” Also, just a side note – the face towels she used to wipe the masks off were unbelievably warm. You know when spas typically put warm towels on you but they get cold after about 10 seconds…these didn’t. The towels stayed warm the whole time they were on my face and it was such a nice feeling to not have them go cold. Just a small thing I noticed and treasured. Once Amber finished applying the masks and wiped my face clean, she proceeded with an arm and hand massage because your facial doesn’t end with just your face. I hold a lot (and I mean a lot) of tension between my pointer fingers and thumbs and when Amber was massaging my hands she noticed and spent some extra time on those areas, even going back to them once she finished with my arms. I appreciated this and mentally thanked her for it.

This Oxygeno facial was absolutely incredible, so I can only imagine that their other five facial options are just as incredible as this one was. But as my appointment came to an end, Amber guided me back to the lounge area where I waited for my second treatment of the day, the Alpha Pod. This was quite the experience and something I was totally pumped to try. The Alpha Pod kind of looks like a tanning bed but in the shape of a rocket and I chose to do the detox treatment.

The Alpha Pod provides holistic, whole-body treatments to relax, cleanse, balance, and detoxify. In this healing environment the body is simultaneously treated using LED Light, infrared heat, sound therapy, aromatherapy, ionized air, vibration massage and oxygen therapy. The comprehensive body treatments include treatment for weight loss, skin improvement, pain relief, sleep/insomnia, energy, immune boost and over all health and wellbeing.

Amber met me back in the room to give me the ins and outs of the pod and the different things it can do (which are so many that I definitely lost count)! Once she left, I stripped down, hopped in, and pressed the button to begin my 30 minute LED treatment. My first thought was that I should have brought my earbuds to listen to some music but that thought was quickly dismissed once I let my body relax and let my mind melt away. The pod got bright, so I made sure to protect my eyes with the complimentary eye protector that was neatly placed on a towel when I entered the room. With the temperature getting warm, I began to sweat. The pod allows the body to excrete 15-20% of the toxins from your body compared to a typical sauna which only excretes 3-5% of toxins. Although I didn’t physically feel a difference in my body after my treatment (other than being toasty warm and further relaxed), I loved knowing that I was able to come out healthier than before I went in.

Once my 30 minutes was complete, I slowly got up and put my robe back on. I felt amazing and so relaxed that I didn’t want to leave. But I eventually made my way back to the change rooms where I returned my robe and flip flops. Before getting ready to walk out the door, I took a look around at some of their other rooms. Zenbar has a salt cave where intimate yoga classes and meditation take place which was amazing to read about on their website. Zenbar is an all-in-one type of experience and you could spend hours upon hours there with all they have to offer. Not to mention that they also do mani and pedis.

Upon leaving the studio, I had a couple errands to run before I could go home and continue relaxing. No lie, when I was cashing out at a store, the lady behind the counter told me I had a lovely face. I smiled and said it was all Zenbar’s doing, lol. I’ve never had someone compliment me on my face before so it just goes to show you how great my skin looked after I left. I also had a co-worker reach out to me about my experience a few days after and said she was going to book the same facial I had done because it sounded so amazing.

For all I experienced that day, I would definitely go back! Everything from the friendly and personable staff, to the comfy robe, right down to the facial compliments, Zenbar exceeded my expectations and then some! If you’re ever in Oakville or just looking for a new spa to try, I highly recommend this one!

Until next time, happy healing and relaxing!

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