Things I Learned from My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all those hard working Mommy’s out there; thanks for all you do and all the love you give us!

Growing up, I defiantly had my battles with my mom with some uglier than others but after getting out of the teenage spat years we’ve grown to be friends (but moving out definitely helped, am I right, Mom?) Some mothers and daughters are friends from the beginning but between arguments of cleaning my room and just random annoyances of one another, we bloomed a little later and I’m ok with that.

In grade 5 I never understood why my mom made me practice my timetables when I had a pencil that had them on it, or why she would draw endless circles on blank paper to draw different times on each when I had a digital watch; I thought my mom was out to get me, seriously. She knew I hated both math and telling time and I thought she did those things for her own sick amusement, lol. Buuut looking back, I now see a mom who after a long day would sit for hours on end trying to put in extra hours of learning time for her daughter. Now that I’m older and on my own, I see that she only wanted the best for me, always. Below I outlined 5 things that my mom taught me that I didn’t realize until I turned 28.

Be Humble, Be Kind, Be Thoughtful

Since I can remember, my mom has always taught my brothers and I to be nice people; treat others the way you’d like to be treated. We were raised with always saying please and thank you and to apologize to others when it was due. As hard as it is to teach three kids their manners and to grow up to be decent human beings, I think she (and my dad) did pretty good, if I do say so myself. Being a nice person isn’t always easy, but she made sure we knew how to be one.

Work Hard, Even If You Think You Can’t

My mom has always been the hardest worker I know, hands down. She has taught me that if you want something, you need to work for it, and you need to work hard. Everything that I have is because she’s shown me how to get it; how to earn what you want out of life. She once told me, “You want to be the boss’s boss’s boss”, and that was never lost on me, and frankly it’s still something I think of every now and then. From the moment I was old enough to realize, I knew my mom worked her butt off to provide opportunities for my brothers and I when we were growing up, and I’m very thankful for that now. To describe her as a hard worker is a pure understatement, she’s a tank, lol.

People Come, People Go

You know the saying, “Mom’s know best”? I didn’t realize its full effects until I grew up and moved out. I’ve reflected on the things she used to say to me about old friends and boyfriends and it’s funny how she just knew the ones that were good for me and the ones that weren’t. Of course back in the day I thought she was clueless about my life, but turns out she was right…as always. She would tell me which friends were “trouble” and which boyfriends were “nice but not the one”. I used to hate that she would say those things but it’s funny how moms know these things before you even blink. Side note, she tells everyone that when I met Shaun and he picked me up at my parents’ house for our first date, umbrella in hand to walk me to the car, she knew I found a gem.

Clean House, Clean Mind

If anyone knows my mom knows that she’s a clean freak – she’s like some kind of robot that just sees dust and gets grumpy if it’s not taken care of (sorry mom, you know it’s true though, lol). But growing up with always tidying the house (and sometimes at the dumbest times like 8am on Saturday morning) it seems as though I’ve adopted the lifestyle and followed suit. Although I don’t clean at 8am on Saturday mornings because Shaun would absolutely kill me, I do try my best to keep our home neat and tidy (which I’ve also come to learn is a never ending battle and near impossible sometimes). But growing up with that kind of mentality allows me to have a clean and clear mind when other things need to get done. Have you ever tried taking care of your To Do list while the house is upside down? It’s impossible, or at least it is for my mom and I, lol.

Always Choose to See the Best In Others

My mom has always been the type of person to give others the benefit of the doubt, to always try and see their better side. I like knowing that I do that too and that she taught me that. Seeing the good in people is never a bad thing and allows you to be an optimistic individual rather than pessimistic. Also, not for nothing, but why choose to see people’s imperfections when you can see them for all their good? My mom showed my brothers and I that no one is perfect, so choose to see their better side.

Now all of this isn’t to say that my Dad didn’t do anything of importance or teach us any lessons, but you know, it’s Mother’s Day, lol. The list of things my mom has taught me goes well beyond the number 5, but these are the ones that stuck out and reflect who my mom is. She’s always been there for me, even in my most stubborn of ways to help me move forward, and for that, I’m always grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommy’s out there, but especially mine. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, I love you. ?????

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  • Awww this was such an awesome post to read girl! Your mom sounds like such a strong, awesome woman! Also love that you still give Dad a little shout out at the end haha 🙂 so cute! Ps those bath buddies look SO awesome I bet the moms loved them!

    • Lol thank ya! I felt bad near the end, figured I’d give Dad a little shout out too haha. And the mom’s loved the Buddies! Added in some flowers and rose petals for them to make it a little extra special lol ?