That Father-Daughter Bond

As I grow up, I’ve been more and more aware of how much my Dad’s personality is part of who I am. If you know my Dad at all, you know he’s a joker and big kid at heart. We’re very similar, my Dad and I and I didn’t realize this until just recently, to be honest.

Growing up people would always ask me, “Oh my God, you’re Dad is hilarious, how do you deal with him?!” and I would laugh and shrug, replying that most of the time we zone him out, lol. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve appreciated my Dad’s humour and ability to make those around him laugh until their cheeks hurt or have tears streaming down their face because of a new story he’s told. The man has the ability to make an entire room zone in on what he’s saying and make people miss his presence when he’s not there.

My memories of my Dad and I when I was growing up revolve a lot around hockey. I remember when I told him I wanted to play – he looked so pumped and I remember him being excited when we went looking for equipment for me. He told me what each piece was for, and was the only person who I’d allow to tie my skates. He had that job for every practice and game up until I was in grade ten or eleven (don’t judge, he tied them just right, and no one came close to how he tied them). Not to mention that he was always on the bench as a coach and was at every single game and practice he could be at.

During practices, he skated behind me to make sure I wasn’t just out for a leisure skate, and would often partner with me during drills to make it more tough. He would also take me aside during “free time” to make me practice my shooting on the boards. I actually used to hate doing this because I just wanted to skate around but I now have a killer wrist shot and I believe it’s because of the time he spent with me to make sure my shot was one worth mentioning. He also used to make me practice my form when I was skating and I have to say that is my strongest skill as a hockey player and probably due of all the laps we would race together.

We never had that mushy, father-daughter relationship but I always loved what we did have. We laughed and joked around, but when I needed him to be there, he was. Going through high school and beyond, I would bring home my boyfriends and he was always polite but never very friendly with them – sometimes wouldn’t even shake their hand, lol. But when Shaun came around I saw a different side to my Dad. Whether he’ll admit it or not, I can see how much he loves Shaun and how much he loves joking around with him. And although a lot of their playing around usually has to deal with making fun of me, I’ll take it just because it’s so cute to see them giggling together.

Always the joker of the family, he never fails to make us laugh or make you realize that family is everything. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making the boys and I happy and giving us opportunities to make memories.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there, but especially mine. I know you miss me even though you tell Shaun he can keep me and not to give me back.

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