Our First Year as Roomies

June 14, 2017 marks exactly one year since Shaun and I began living together, and what a year it’s been. There have been so many amazing memories that we created while being together in our condo, but those definitely didn’t come without the curve balls and challenges. I don’t think either of us were expecting it to be all peachy everyday, but what I think came as a surprise to both of us was just how much we would learn about each other. Shout out to all those people who said we would learn so many new things about the other to which I would respond with a giggle and judgemental thought of, “thanks, but we’re well aware of each other after 6.5 years down”. Ha. Ha. Ha. Joke was on me.

Although, despite the waves, this last year has been our best year yet. We challenged each other, comforted one another, and pushed new buttons we didn’t even know existed. But that isn’t to say we had yelling matches of “I hate you” or “you fucking suck”, that’s not our style per se, but we’ve definitely had our turns of sleeping on the couch and just being straight up angry with the other, lol. But in all honesty, I think I can speak for both of us when I say that this past year we just grew closer together, and I’m not even sure I know how to describe that progress or the feeling of it. We dreamed about living together for so many years that I think now that it’s happened we’re both just kinda grateful.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve experienced so many things together; and so many things that we were excited to bring into our home to start our own routines and traditions. This past Christmas Eve for example, we got home from my aunt’s house pretty late but we were so excited it was finally Christmas and we were able to exchange gifts in our own home that we stayed up until 4am that evening having our own Christmas together, just us two. We were so tired by the end of it, but it was a special moment for us (although I’m not looking to make 2am gift exchanges a thing in our house, lol). But it was these small things that gave us some happy “first home” memories together.

So, with it being our 1 year anniversary of living together, I thought it would be a cute idea for Shaun and I to list off some of our annoyances of each other but also some of the new things we’ve learned and love about each other. I’ll let Shaun go first…

Things that she does that are annoying

• gets upset when I sleep in, treating it like it directly impacted her day in a negative way

• illogical way she fills the dishwasher (although sometimes it’s good for a laugh and she has gotten better)

• there’s a certain hypocrisy when it comes to how she wants things put away, yet her things sometimes be all over the place

• she refuses to do some things (certain chores), yet won’t accept it if I say the same

• decorating is basically decided by what she wants to see – she can say that’s not the case, but we both know it is

Things that she does that I love

♥ she’ll just go take care of certain things if they need to get done and won’t make hold it against me

♥ she gets so excited when she finds cute things to add to our home to make it more homely for us

♥ she’s always open to me having my friends over, even if it’s at the cost of her not having plans for the night

♥ she leaves me little notes (some longer than others) – whether to keep me posted on what she’s doing or just to let me know she loves me

♥ she keeps me in check with better eating habits, keeping things tidy, and having respect for our home

♥ she makes sure to think of my family too, when we’re thinking about who to invite over or what our plans may be for the weekend

♥ she helps make sure I stop collecting clutter (and it’s actually helped me be better with getting rid of unnecessary things)

♥ she values my opinion enough to at least ask for it, even if she already knows what she wants the answer to be

♥ she doesn’t always make us watch what she wants and is good about sharing the screen and picking her battles for the remote

♥ she’ll come home with treats for me, even when they weren’t what she went out for and I didn’t even have to ask

Annnnd my turn…

Things that he does that are annoying

• tags, receipts, empty boxes of all sorts…they’re guaranteed to sit in a random spot until I find them to throw out

• he leaves his shoes in front of the front door and in front of the sliding door to the balcony (although he has gotten better)

• his timing is impeccable for when we’re getting ready to leave…”Oh, wait, let me clean and reorganize my side of the closet”

• when we’re cooking together, he has the strongest requests to do things a certain way

• he literally sniffs everything, and no matter the smell, always proceeds with, “Did you fart?”

Things that he does that I love

♥ he always saves me the last few cookies in the cupboard because he knows I’ll go back and eat them later

♥ when I have long days at work or just a bad day in general, he makes dinner for the night so I can come home and relax

♥ when I have to get up at 4:30am for work the next day, he always offers to sleep on the couch so his snoring doesn’t wake me

♥ there’s always milk in the fridge because he knows I don’t adult if I don’t have breakfast

♥ when I’m being a needy girlfriend, he lets me hug him in the kitchen for an eternity and gives me kisses while dinner cooks

♥ he’ll take the initiative to clean when I’m not home

♥ the dishwasher is his thing…mostly because I’m bad at it, but he’s usually the one to load and unload

♥ he has never asked me to wash or fold his clothes – he does all that himself. I can count on one hand the times I did it for him

♥ he lets me take over his shelves in the bathroom and doesn’t get mad about it

♥ when he plays Xbox, he sometimes mutes the commentary so I can listen to music instead of NHL17

I absolutely loved doing this little exercise with Shaun; when we read each other’s lists we laughed and said, “That’s true” to pretty much each point the other had, lol. There were some growing pains this year, but nothing that didn’t make us laugh.

It’s been such an amazing and fun year and I can’t wait for it to keep coming. We’ve finally been able to wake up to each other and spend our Sundays being lazy in our own home, there’s nothing that makes me more happy.

Happy 607 Day, Baby!

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