Alex’s Bath Buddies are currently made with 9 different essential oils, all of which offer a variety of benefits. In case you’re curious about which oil is best for you, take a look below to see what they target. Bath Buddies are made with pure, essential oils.


Bergamot has a floral scent that is commonly used for relaxation and uplifting moods. This essential oil is an excellent option for reducing depression, anxiety, and fear while providing stabilization to ones mood.


If your muscles are achy and sore, Eucalyptus helps sooth the tension and helps to relax them. If you’re sick, this oil relieves congestion and stuffiness. Amongst those benefits, Eucalyptus also helps with burns and wounds.


Almost like an all in one kind of Buddy, Frankincense helps improve your mood (while also giving you those spiritual vibes), relieves tension for headaches and muscle soreness and also promotes relaxation. This oil can also help with skin irritations, sores, and wounds.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils because of how versatile it can be. Good for treating insomnia and depression, Lavender produces a calming effect on the body and mind.


Have those monthly cramps that you can’t bare anymore? Try using lemongrass to subdue those stomach aches during “that time of the month”. Great for relaxing your muscles, it can also help purify and tone your skin.


Maybe one of the most underrated essential oils, Peppermint has many surprising benefits. For targeting your body, Peppermint can be used for cooling overworked muscles; it is a natural pain reliever and is a muscle relaxant. If you’re feeling waves of nausea, this oil helps sooth that feeling. When used with Eucalyptus, the combination can also calm eczema. In regards to your hair, give it a soak while you’re in the tub to help thicken it and fix damaged strands.


Stimulate your brain and increase your mental activity by using Rosemary; it’s known for promoting focus and concentration. It also aids in blood circulation and increases hair growth.

Sweet Orange

Feeling anxious or a little on the down side? Sweet orange eliminates negative feelings and boosts the immunity system. It can also promote the excretion of toxins all while helping your muscles relax and reducing nervous spasms.

Tea Tree

A great choice for all things bacterial that your body might be fighting, Tea tree oil benefits athlete’s foot, fungus, warts, and dandruff. It also helps with smelly feet, too.

Find an oil suitable for you and relax with a Buddy!

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