My House, Flo Rida

Hellllooo June, it’s nice to see ya! This month’s song is fun, catchy, upbeat and one that holds a special place in mine and Shaun’s relationship.

Last year when we were gearing up to buy our condo, My House by Flo Rida was released and we were blown away with the timing of it. If you didn’t know already, we bought our condo in March of 2016 but didn’t move in until June, so you can only imagine that having this new song and waiting those 3 months to pass by that this was on repeat and pumped us up so much. Any chance we got when we heard it come on, we would blast it to maximum volume and jam pretty hard. When we weren’t together we sent each other voice notes of our favourite parts. And yes, although we’re in a condo and not a house, it’s still our song we dedicated to 607.

Now, to dig a little deeper into this song and shed some light into SnA (Shaun n’ Alex), below is what Shaun did for me the day we moved in, but first, a little back tracking for you. Music is a huge part of SnA, it has been from the very beginning. So much so, that on our very 1st anniversary, Shaun made me a CD of all our favourite songs that were staples in our first year of dating. He made the cover, wrote my card in it, and literally went all out on the details (he’s one to pay attention to those and it’s one thing I love about him). He made me a CD for our first year and every year after that one. These CDs are something that I very much look forward to every November 10th and really the only gift I ever want from him (flowers aside). So, fast forward to moving day when Shaun picked me up from my parents’ that afternoon, he gave me a special edition CD and it was based around this song and a few others that played a part in our new little journey.

As we drove away from my parents’ house he told me to open the glove box of his car and look inside. I looked and pulled out this CD and started crying, lol. It wasn’t something I expected and I was already so happy that the CD was the icing on the cake. I immediately put it in and we jammed like always (with frequent happy tears coming down my face). We drove up to our new home with this song blaring and it was perfect.

It seemed right to have this song as June’s Song of the Month, because really, June is 607 month in our eyes. We don’t play this song as often anymore, but listening to it when it does come on brings back all those happy feelings of those 3 months and move-in day. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

I’m sending this one out to Shaun – Happy June, Baby! <3

Youtube – My House

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