My First Event as A New Blogger

This post is loooooong over due but better late than never, I guess? It’s funny how much I missed writing my posts after taking some unintended time off. But anyways, let’s get back to it!

Back in June I went to my very first Blogger event. I was invited by my love at first post, fellow Blogger, Dee. We became instant Insta friends and she asked me if I wanted to go with her. I was literally freaking out that she had reached out/thought of me to go with her and was trying so hard to play it cool, lol. I always heard of people becoming friends through Instagram but never really thought it would happen to me. But low and behold, we bought our tickets and counted down the days (or at least I did) until we could meet and I could really experience the Blogger life.

We met downtown and walked to the event. I was in awe right away with the location that The Monday Girls picked because it was just stunning on the outside. Dee and I were in the middle of finding out where to go when we just so happened to stumble into Emma, another fellow Blogger also looking to go to the event. I don’t even think we introduced ourselves to each other at this point, we were just eyeing down where to get in. We also just so happened to walk in with one of the guest speakers – I felt pretty snazzy about that, not gonna lie.

Once we walked into the venue, I was freaking out internally. I just couldn’t believe I was there – this was something completely out of the norm for me and unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Not to mention, I was going with a friend who I literally just met. I was out of my comfort zone and it felt so good! I was also pretty thankful for Dee because it could have been weird, but it wasn’t and she was awesome. After we were introduced to the Monday Girl crew (who were the fabulous girls hosting the event), we made our way to the bar. Dee and I both bought $14 drinks (which was a first and last on my behalf) and enjoyed it ever so slowly as the three of us chatted about our blogs and got to know each other. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time, I was just loving every single bit of it. As we were chatting though, I was also scanning the room to see if there was anyone else I could recognize from Instagram when I happened to come across Bri and Vicki. Now, you want to talk about being intimidated or nervous? Because this was my moment. I followed them both on Instagram and Twitter and had been reading their blogs but it was weird to finally see them in person. And not to mention, I’m still a new Blogger and they seemed pretty experienced so I was a definitely a little shy, lol. But we made the connection and chatted – they were even better in person! It felt so nice to put faces to names.

And so after our small chats were had and amazing flower wall pictures taken, the guest speakers got ready to do their thing.We sat at the back, where we were closest to the amazing food spread and EPIC chocolate chip cookies and listened to what the girls had to say. But back to the cookies for a second, I’m not kidding when I say that this was the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had in my life. For a moment I actually zoned out of the what the speakers were saying so I could message Shaun and tell him I was sorry that he couldn’t experience the cookie with me. Seriously, it was all kinds of amazing gooey and I had to stop myself from being “the girl who ate all the cookies”.  Zoning back in though, it was kind of hard to hear the speakers at some moments, but because I read up on each of them beforehand, just sitting before them was enough inspiration, seriously.

The Monday Girl crew also did some giveaways which my girl, Dee and newly met Vicki happened to win! Right before the giveaway, Dee actually whispered to me how much she wanted the t-shirt and when she won I was so happy for her, lol. There’s nothing like a cute, free, tee! And so after all the buzzing around and chatting, we got our goodie bags and said our goodbyes. I was pretty content by the end of it all and it felt good to have stepped out of my bubble.


But the night didn’t end there. Dee and I wondered around Toronto after it all looking for pizza and talking about the Blogger world as we knew it. As much as I love talking to my friends and family about my new found Blogging world, it was so nice to chat all things Instagram and girl things with Dee. She gave me some tips and told me about some awesome Bloggers to follow – I appreciated it all. We also took a walk into the Fairmont Royal York because why not. We never did end up getting pizza before we called it a night, but pizza or no pizza, it was a perfect end to an already perfect first Blogger event.

As excited as I was about this event, I was super nervous for it. Like I said earlier, I was definitely out of comfort zone, but it was so nice to go out there and meet new people and just chat. My super shy and awkward moments definitely made an appearance, but if this event is a taste of what I’ve gotten myself into, I’m 100% okay with that!

Thanks again to the Monday Girls for hosting, this new Blogger is hooked!

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