Long Weekend Spring Cleaning

Ladies and gentlemen, how about this looooong weekend we finally have! This past week was a wee-bit stressful so I’m happy to finally put my feet up.

These next three days are going to be filled with a little Spring cleaning, some blog planning and Buddy making, and all kinds of chilling out and relaxing in between, and let me tell you, I am pumped.

As much as I don’t mind cleaning though, I definitely don’t want to spend my entire weekend doing just that, but it’s got to get done and heck, who else is going to do it? *Cue in James, our imaginary cook, cleaner, and all-around, go to person to help us adult – where are you, James? We need you!

The condo has been a little neglected lately because of all things life that have been happening around us. I just can’t seem to keep up and at the end of the day, who wants to come home from work and clean?! I can’t be the only one who has cleaning as the last thing on their list and come the weekends, I just want to enjoy my days off and put my feet up. James, seriously, where you at?

But here we are fresh into the weekend with James nowhere in sight, having to do a full-on cleaning spree because it just needs to happen. Just to let you in on how badly it needs to be done, my hockey equipment has been sitting on the balcony since February – Oops!

Now, I actually don’t mind cleaning. Even when I lived at my parents’ I had a routine and didn’t mind dusting away, so long as the sun was shining (I don’t clean on gloomy days, lol.) Once I’m up and finished my breakfast, I throw my hair up, change into some sweats, and press shuffle on my playlist. I also like to clean alone – I feel like it’s easier when there’s no one in the way and I can just do things how I’d like. If I had it my way, I’d ship Shaun out for the morning while I cleaned and he came home with apple pie or something, lol. I-deal.

But before I get started though, I like to tidy up anything hanging around like jackets, books, or lap tops and put them in their designated areas. I hate trying to clean and having to stop along the way because I have to put items away. Once that’s all done, I dive right in. Again, I don’t mind cleaning as long as the sun is out and I can play my music – I’ll get it all done and be even happier once it’s finished. I am seriously my mother’s child.

As for cleaning out my closet, that’s a whole other job in itself and for another weekend to be honest, but if you’re looking to tackle the inner walls of your closet this weekend, check out my new favourite Blogger, Speaking Dee, and her post on some awesome tips and tricks to get your closet looking Spring ready!

You know you’re an adult when the feeling of your home being freshly cleaned gives you so much joy. Since moving in together, Shaun and I love having a clean and tidy place we call home. We love having everything in place while we sip our teas (now coffee thanks to our new Nespresso machine) and start up our computers to get some work done together. Clean home, clean mind.

And of course, it’s not complete without some fresh blooms to top it all off.

What are your long weekend plans? Anything on the go for you?

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  • Omgggg. I CANNOT clean when my bf is home, he’s not even in the way I just need privacy to do my best cleaning LOL. Also I laughed out loud when you said you don’t clean on gloomy days hahahha. But seriously, great advice about starting by picking up the little things laying around, Im forever distracted by crap like that when I clean and rarely maintain focus LOL. Definitely putting that tip to use this weekend. Great, great post babe! Also ur condo is gorgeous!! Thanks for the love 🙂 🙂

    • Lmao maybe we should make the boys meet up while we clean and then they can bring us treats and drinks after haha! And the gloomy days is legit the truth, the moment I see the sun going away I go back to bed lmao. The condo is still technically under construction but we’re so excited and happy with the progress and had to share. And you’re very welcome for the love, my pleasure! <3

    • Oh it definitely took me a while to gather the motivation to do it, but it felt SO good after, lol. Good luck to your Spring Cleaning, looking forward to your post!