How to Pack for A Road Trip

Thinking of taking a road trip but don’t know where to begin when it comes to packing? Not to worry, Shaun and I have quite a few roadies under our belt that I think I’ve nailed the packing situation part now. Everyone has their own unique way of packing with a wide range of things they consider crucial to bring with them, but this post covers the basics that you’ll definitely need and will hopefully help you the next time you’re packing for your (road) trip.

First things first, you need to decide who’s car your taking (if you’re travelling with another person) because that will determine the type of luggage you both bring. On all our road trips, we’ve always taken Shaun’s cars, which have had good size trunks and spacious back seats to store the extra stuff we always bring. Once you’ve determined whose car you’ll be taking, you can then determine your luggage situation.

For this road trip we’ve decided to take a luggage and some backpacks each since we have the room and we’ll be bringing more things compared to other trips we’ve taken. Our luggages will carry our clothes, shoes, and things like that where we will take our small bags to carry toiletries, laptops, books, and anything else we’ll need readily accessible.

Packing for a trip can be quite the process and to some, kind of daunting. Personally, I don’t mind it because it just means I’m that much closer to my destination. To make the task a little easier for myself, I create a list about a week or two before I know I’ll be zipping up my luggage and use the time to slowly think of all the things I’ll need. Once I’ve complied my list, I map out (no pun intended there with our road trip map 😉 ) how many nights and days I’ll be gone for. Following that, I multiply the items I’ll need accordingly and dive into the process when I have a day to do so. Below is how I break down my packing situation by category. For this trip, we’re gone for 10 nights and 11 days so I’ll be sure to pack a little of everything.



Moisturizer/toner/face cleanser

Deodorant/perfume/sun screen/bug repellent

Contacts/contact solution/razor/shaving cream

Make up bag/make up brushes


Socks/underwears/bras/set of PJs

T-shirts/long sleeves/sweater/beach shirts

Shorts/jeans/leggings/sweat pants

Dresses/dinner wear

Bathing suits/towel/bathing suit wrap/hiking tops & bottoms


Runners/heels or wedges/sandals/flip flops


Phone/phone charger/headphones

Camera/camera charger/extra battery

Lap top/lap top charger

Fit Bit/Fit Bit charger




Advil/hand cream

Snacks/water bottles/coffee mugs

Important Things

Wallet/passport/car keys/money

Car cables/first aid kit/car registration

So if I’ve made my list right, that’s everything I’ll need! Packing is so time consuming but I’d rather be safe than sorry and not forget anything and like to think of everything ahead of time. However, one thing that Shaun and I have grown to appreciate when travelling through Canada is that if you do happen to forget something, it won’t be that difficult to replace. And further to that point, if you don’t want to take out a chunk of money to be carrying around and worrying about, you can always visit a local ATM and take money out as you need it (we did this in Vancouver and it was the best feeling ever).

We seriously couldn’t be more ready to go on this trip – think of all that amazing sea food! If you’re interested in our journey to the East Coast and want to follow along, look up the hashtag #PPSxMAWxPEI on Instagram to see where we stop along the way and all the beautiful pictures of our trip destination. We’ll both be posting pictures using that hashtag and would love to see you there.

9 days to go, people!

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