When we moved into our condo we went straight to IKEA – like straight there. And before we moved in, we went there and bought anything and everything we thought we needed. Now a year later and looking back, it was a little aggressive of us to dive right in and buy everything out right but damn, we were just excited, lol. We kept most of what we bought but we also returned a bunch too, but c’est la vie, you live and learn.

Amongst our many IKEA purchases for 607, one was our night stands. I will completely admit that I didn’t give Shaun much choice when it came to this. I liked these particular ones and that was it (why he puts up with me, I’ll never know, lol). So, we bought them in white (obviously) and away we went. These were actually the very first things that were put together once we moved in because out of all the things you immediately need accessible, it’s night stands.

So, given that it’s been just over 1 year since our move, I decided that our IKEA night stands needed a little uplift. I wanted to do something to them for a while but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and obviously didn’t want to break the bank doing it. I wish I came up with this idea on my own, but I didn’t. Scrolling through Bloglovin’ one morning, I saw someone who did a DIY design to the top of a table to make it a little different, and then shortly after that, I watched one of my fav Youtubers cover her closet shelves with marble adhesive paper…do you see where I’m going with this yet? So, low and behold, I thought I would mesh the two ideas together and bring it to life with our night stands!

I’m the type of person that when I get an idea in my head I need it to happen like yesterday. I have zero chill when he comes to bringing things in my head to fruition. Zero. Chill. This can be a positive or negative, depends on how you look at it…I choose positive 🙂

If you’d like to see how I jazzed up our night stands, keep scrolling!

First and foremost, I gave them a good clean – you don’t want to apply adhesive paper to a dusty area because it won’t stick that well and probably wouldn’t last very long either. There are no pictures of me dusting the stands because no one needs to see that, lol. Once they were wiped down, I went and gathered the rest of the items I needed to complete my little DIY.

Things you’ll need:

adhesive paper (this is the one I used) 

something with a straight edge to help smooth over the bubbles


decorative nobs (optional)

Once you have all your items, you’re good to start. With the first stand, I tried measuring it out to see how much on each side I needed to fold over the edge and to make it straight but with the second one, I eye-balled it and cut off the access as I went. You could do either or, neither way was more beneficial than the other (although I preferred eye balling it the second time around).

After you’ve mapped out how much paper you’ll need, you’re good to cut your piece. This paper was so easy to manage and cut which I didn’t expect so that was a nice surprise. Once I cut the amount I needed, I looked at where I had made my mark on the top of the paper and began peeling off the back. I suggest peeling off the back as you go because it could get super annoying and hard to deal with if you took it all off in one shot. So I carefully placed where I wanted the paper on the table (again, leaving room to fold over the sides) and slowly begun peeling the back off to smooth the paper down.

 Once the first bit was stuck onto the table, I slowly peeled off the back while smoothing out the bubbles. There weren’t too many, but I did find that the more you lifted the paper off the table and reapplied it the more they appeared. So with that in mind, I did my best to smooth the paper without peeling it off to do so. Although, it was super easy to peel and had no problems once reapplied. When I was doing the second table though, I had pealed if off so many times to try and get it perfect that I ended up throwing that piece out and starting fresh because the bubbles began to multiply (which was annoying, but I’m happy I decided to start fresh). I got all the bubbles out minus maybe one to two but if anyone is looking that closely at the table for my errors, they’re not your friends. But once your top is layed out and all bubbles are gone, you can get started on folding the paper over the corners and edges.

The corners were tricky, but just imagine that you’re wrapping a one-sided present. With the paper hanging over the corner, I cut right where the corner of the table was, where the two sides meet, and then wrapped the paper downwards on both sides and adhered the paper to the bottom of the edges. Once I did the first corner, I would run my thumb along the one edge to help smooth it out until I got to the second corner and then repeated my steps.

After getting all the corners done, the tops of the tables were finished! However, I also wanted to add new nobs to them so I bought these ones from Home Depot and unscrewed the old ones and popped these little guys on. Much better 🙂 I felt that it gave them an extra little touch, but you can definitely stick with the original nobs and have it look just as cute!

I was super happy with how they turned out as was Shaun. It just added a little life where it was missing without us even realizing it. I’m already thinking of repainting the bottom portion of the stand in the Summer to match the white in the paper or maybe a completely different colour in general, we’ll see!

They definitely turned out better than either of us thought they would, so it’s perfect motivation for me to find some more DIYs to tackle throughout the Summer!

Have you done any DIYs for your home? Let me know what they were!

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