Putting up October’s Song of the Month made me realize that I missed September’s, ooooopps!

This song is a little old now (about 6 years I believe) but it’s one that makes my heart happy as I sing along. Shaun has put this song on one of the CDs he’s made me but as new songs come out, you tend to loose track of the oldies but goodies. This song came on the radio a few weeks back and has been stuck in my head for some time after.

With November being out anniversary month, I though it was fitting to have this song pinned up. We love singing along to it and I always find myself smiling and thinking of Shaun as it plays.


Youtube – Like Magic, JRDN

My House, Flo Rida

Hellllooo June, it’s nice to see ya! This month’s song is fun, catchy, upbeat and one that holds a special place in mine and Shaun’s relationship.

Last year when we were gearing up to buy our condo, My House by Flo Rida was released and we were blown away with the timing of it. If you didn’t know already, we bought our condo in March of 2016 but didn’t move in until June, so you can only imagine that having this new song and waiting those 3 months to pass by that this was on repeat and pumped us up so much. Any chance we got when we heard it come on, we would blast it to maximum volume and jam pretty hard. When we weren’t together we sent each other voice notes of our favourite parts. And yes, although we’re in a condo and not a house, it’s still our song we dedicated to 607.

Now, to dig a little deeper into this song and shed some light into SnA (Shaun n’ Alex), below is what Shaun did for me the day we moved in, but first, a little back tracking for you. Music is a huge part of SnA, it has been from the very beginning. So much so, that on our very 1st anniversary, Shaun made me a CD of all our favourite songs that were staples in our first year of dating. He made the cover, wrote my card in it, and literally went all out on the details (he’s one to pay attention to those and it’s one thing I love about him). He made me a CD for our first year and every year after that one. These CDs are something that I very much look forward to every November 10th and really the only gift I ever want from him (flowers aside). So, fast forward to moving day when Shaun picked me up from my parents’ that afternoon, he gave me a special edition CD and it was based around this song and a few others that played a part in our new little journey.

As we drove away from my parents’ house he told me to open the glove box of his car and look inside. I looked and pulled out this CD and started crying, lol. It wasn’t something I expected and I was already so happy that the CD was the icing on the cake. I immediately put it in and we jammed like always (with frequent happy tears coming down my face). We drove up to our new home with this song blaring and it was perfect.

It seemed right to have this song as June’s Song of the Month, because really, June is 607 month in our eyes. We don’t play this song as often anymore, but listening to it when it does come on brings back all those happy feelings of those 3 months and move-in day. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

I’m sending this one out to Shaun – Happy June, Baby! <3

Youtube – My House

Despacito, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber

I know I say this every Song of the Month, but how the heck did we get to May already? At work, we’re beginning to gear up for Summer and I swear I just finished wrapping up the last one.

Where. Does. Time. Go?! Rhetorical question, but kinda serious.

May’s Song of the Month goes out to this new track that is my absolute favourite at the moment right now. If you know me at all you know that I have a love for Spanish music and when you throw Biebs into the mix…hello! I also realized that this is my second Song of the Month that includes Bieber so does this mean I’m a Belieber now, lol? I’m alright with that, though.

Give this song a listen, I promise you it’ll help start your week off on the right foot!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Youtube – Despacito

Beauty & the Beast, John Legend

Seeing as I went to see Beauty and the Beast the other day, I felt it was appropriate to put this song as the Song of the Month. It’s romantic and fun, and to be honest, I just love the video.

I’ve been listening to this song more often than I’d like to admit lol, but here it is for your enjoyment, too! And if you haven’t read my post on why I love Beauty & the Beast so much, check the link below, as well!

PPS – Beauty & the Beast

Youtube – Beauty & the Beast

P.S. Did you also see my post on April Fool’s? Check that out, too!

That’s What I Like, Bruno Mars

This song! Relatively new, but I feel like it’s underrated which seems odd to me because it’s Bruno Mars and when is his stuff ever underrated?

With Spring right around the corner, I feel like this song has just the right amount of feel good vibes to get us ready for warm weather and mini jam sessions with the windows down.

Bruno Mars was an artist I wasn’t too crazy about when he first came out but after watching him perform in so many events and seeing him in interviews and what a genuine, nice guy he is, he’s become one of my low-key favourites. He seems like a really nice guy who’s down to earth but also knows how to party and have a good time – kinda how I envision the song, lol.

Anyway, enjoy this month’s song – maybe with some strawberry champagne?

Youtube – That’s What I Like


My Heart’s Always Yours, Arkells: Valentine’s Edition

I wasn’t going to post a song for today, but it’s just too much of a happy day not to!

This past Friday night, Shaun and I went to the Arkells concert. SO. GOOD! They’re a Canadian band from Hamilton (what’s up neighbours!) and Shaun introduced me to their music a few years back and I’m so glad he did, their stuff is great. Over the years we’ve incorporated their music into our relationship and they have a couple staple songs that are our fav. They played this song at the concert, too and it was so well done.

It’s the perfect song for today, I love it so much. It’s also a great driving song…mind you all their music is great driving music but you know what I mean. Give them a listen!

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

Youtube – My Heart’s Always Yours

Shape of You, Ed Sheeran

February! How the heck did we get here so fast?! Seriously, lol.

This month’s song is Ed Sheeran’s new release, Shape of You. It’s so good. I have to admit, it wasn’t until his Thinking Out Loud track blew up that I began listening to him and turns out, he’s pretty good and someone Shaun and I feed into our relationship.

I love this song so much because it reminds me of the beginning days of Shaun and I. Not too sure why, but I always find myself thinking of when we first started dating when I hear it. So, seeing as it’s the month of love, I figured that this new tune was appropriate.

Youtube – Shape of You

Any plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

All I Want for Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey: Christmas Edition

This. Song! Who doesn’t love this, really? I recently heard on the radio that it was the most played Christmas song ever – didn’t surprise me, lol.

This one is for Shaun; Merry Christmas, baby! I’ve loved every Christmas we’ve had together, but this one is extra special. If I only had you under the tree on December 25th, you bet I’d be more than okay with it. I love you, and thank you for making everything leading up to today so special for us.

Wishing you and your family a safe, happy, and very Merry Christmas!

Youtube – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Something About Christmas Time, Bryan Adams

Slowing it down a bit, Something About Christmas Time has been one of my favs since I can remember. It was a song that gave me all the feels before I even know what the feels were.

This song always made me reflect on what Christmas is about, and how much I love getting together with my family over the holidays. I feel like this always played on the radio when my parents, brothers, and I were either on our way to or way home from Christmas mass – I would sit in the car, sing, and reflect. Christmas is such a special time – enjoy the feels with this one ♥

Youtube – Something About Christmas Time