During Spring of this year, Shaun and I began tinkering around with the idea of going on vacation in the
Summer and we were all over the map as to where we wanted our destination to be. We thought of everything
from Vegas to anywhere else hot when Shaun brought up Prince Edward Island, Canada. Our brainstorming got to an abrupt halt because there wasn’t much more to think about – we’ve always wanted to see more of Canada so why not go now?

I absolutely loved PEI – from the colourful buildings right down to their crisp french fries, it was a place I’m so glad we got to experience together. Our trip ended up being more than just PEI, but more of that to come later. For now, I’ve outlined 8 things you need to do if you ever go to Prince Edward Island (and trust me, they won’t disappoint)! It’s a long post today so grab your beverage now…and maybe some snacks too, there’s a lot of food pictures coming your way!

The Brickhouse

This place was recommended to us before we left and we just so happened to stumble upon it our first night there (which we didn’t even realize at first, lol). The food was amazing and I would definitely pass on the recommendation. It was cute and intimate with a modern vibe, and had the prettiest little lights strung outside their building connecting to the building across the street. Shaun got a caesar, myself a wine, and then we got a crab cake app, because PEI. For our mains, Shaun got a crab mac n’ cheese which looked and tasted absolutely incredible and I had super fresh salmon with quinoa but wish I got what Shaun got lol (am I the only one who does that)?! We finished our meals rather quickly because we were starving but definitely enjoyed our time there. I wanted to go back and try their burgers because that’s what was actually recommended to us but never had the chance to. The Brickhouse was located on a side street that you wouldn’t necessarily think to go down, but glad it caught our eye and gave it a go. Two thumbs up from us, we loved it and you definitely would too!

Cows Ice Cream

When we saw the first Cows location right when we got off the Confederation Bridge, I (embarrassingly) freaked out a little. Those who provided us with recommendations of places to try almost always mentioned Cows ice cream and with good reason. This was the freshest ice cream I’ve ever had – ever. When we ventured down to the harbour front one day, we decided ice cream would be a good idea so we went into Cows to give it a go. We had barely finished paying before it began to melt all over us. Insta pic? Forget it, lol. The ice cream was so fresh that my hands looked like I was a two-year-old having ice cream for the first time. Prince Edward Island has nine locations of Cows ice cream and the cutest gift shops within them, as well. They had so many flavours that you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them. The first time we had Cows I had Birthday Cake and on our last night I had Strawberry. If you go to PEI and only choose one of these eight things to do, it’s a hard decision but I’ll keep the recommendations going and say that Cows ice cream is a must.

University of Prince Edward Island

This spot might not be for everyone but Shaun and I love visiting post-secondary institutions when we’re somewhere new, so UPEI was a must on our list. The campus was about a 5 minute drive from downtown Charlottetown and was quite cute, to say the least. A relatively small campus compared to what we were used to at York but it had loads of green grass and historic buildings. Most of the buildings were closed though probably because of Summer but we were determined to find an open one and eventually we did. We love walking into buildings, finding a lecture hall, and writing messages on the boards, lol. It’s probably super weird to some people but for us it’s kinda become our norm. The lecture halls were stunning and had comfy seating too, just in case you were curious. While we walked around outside we came across a beautiful clock tower and of course, a yellow student centre building. The campus was beautiful but I just wish more buildings were open for us to see, however we enjoyed walking around them nonetheless.

Cavendish Beach

You want a beach with a (better) view? Go to Cavendish Beach and you can thank me later. When we were first walking up to the beach and crossing the small wooden bridge, we were blown away by how beautiful it was and we hadn’t even seen a fraction of it yet. This beach had soft, red sand, and clean blue water. It was a busy beach, yet seemingly peaceful at the same time. We decided to walk the extra bit to not be in the crowds of families and it was a decision well made because we found our own little section by the burrows where we laid our towels down for the day. Now if lying on your towel staring away at the beautiful, endless skyline isn’t enough for you, you can look to the right and see stunning red cliffs with waves hitting against the bottom of the shore. Absolutely beautiful. When I envisioned going to the East Coast, red cliffs is what I pictured but I couldn’t have dreamed a better visual and Canada had quickly proven itself to be one stunning country. You can actually walk a trail to get to the tops of the cliffs which is what we did the next day. We spent the day lounging on our towels and going for a swim when we got too hot – it was a perfect beach day in my opinion. When it came time to leave, we passed by families putting final touches on their sand castles/communities and it touched a special place in my heart. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Summers where we would go to Bronte Creek and build endless sandcastles and communities just like the ones we saw and seeing this in Cavendish just made my heart smile; it was a nice reminder of home. Beaches are my favourite, and this one had just the views I was looking for.

Anne of Green Gables Museum

Right in the heart of Cavendish (not far from Cavendish Beach either) is the famous, Anne of Green Gables Museum. If you’re in PEI, I feel like this is a Canadian must. The views leading up to the museum were breath taking and just how you would imagine PEI to look. Adding to the beautiful scenery, the museum holds quite the experience, as well. There’s an old house (which is the house of the Anne of Green Gables author’s uncle), which show cased intact rooms with plenty of history to read about. That was probably the first time I’ve ever seen Shaun actually interested in reading something and at one point I was waiting on him to move on with the tour. Outside the house were massive fields with hay rolls and the freshest Eastern air you could imagine. For a day filled with site seeing, this was a very relaxing venture and probably one of my favourite spots in PEI that we went to.

New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

Do you want to experience the freshest, most mouth watering lobster ever? Then this restaurant is where you should go. Also located in Cavendish, PEI, New Glasgow isn’t just a dinner, it’s an island experience. If you do plan to go here, I suggest going before your stomach begins to grumble because there was definitely a line up when we got there that just seemed to keep growing. Right when you enter the restaurant, you pick what you’d like to eat, pay, and grab some drinks in the waiting area. We were lucky to have a young man in the waiting area play the piano so we enjoyed some music as we waited while sipping our drinks. Once you’re brought to your table you’re handed lobster bibs (which I’ve always wanted to wear, lol) and you begin diving into your plate. Dinner itself was incredible and we were beyond full by the time dessert came around that we actually passed on it, lol. The lobster was so fresh and the potatoes cooked just right that this was a dinner fit for a PEI visit.

Sandspit Amusement Park

Looking to have some good ol’fashioned carnival fun? Make sure to visit Sandspit Amusement Park where you’ll find a ferris wheel, some go-kart racing, a great mini golf course, and so much more. We love going to these any chance we get, so for us it was an obvious date night. We bought some tickets and went go-karting and then did bumper cars after that. We also did a round of golf which was so much fun. I had Shaun the entire game so in my eyes, I technically won 😉 Sandspit was a super cute spot and I’d love to go back one day when we have kids.

Dave’s Lobster

The. Best. Lunch. I’ve ever had. Period. We found this little gem after our visit to the Anne of Green Gables Museum which is located right in the boardwalk area. I got a lobster roll and Shaun fish tacos and we ate them so flippin’ fast. The best and freshest lobsters (and I’m aware I keep saying each lobster meal was the best thing ever) but it’s true. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch option though, beware because it was anything but that. We each got our lobster main, a small bag of chips, and two waters and our bill was over $50, however no joke, it was worth every penny. Plus, it was the cutest little place with a blue, red, and white ocean vibe inside and out and had cute lobster traps for decorations with crisp white picnic tables outside.

*Bonus Place* Confederation House

This is where Canada was signed, sealed, and delivered (maybe not delivered, but you know what I mean). This was the spot where the founding Canadian father’s signed to make Canada a country! Super cool, to say the least. We unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to venture inside because it was under construction but I could only imagine what it would look and feel like to be inside there. In the heart of downtown Charlottetown, this should definitely be a destination stop for every Canadian.

Prince Edward Island was absolutely stunning and we’ll definitely go back to visit one day. We had such good weather as well that it allowed us to thoroughly enjoy all the island had to offer during our time there. I also loved that we were able to explore our beautiful country during it’s 150th year – it felt like it made the trip a little more special although that was unintentionally planned on our part. I’d recommend PEI to anyone and everyone because every Canadian should experience the PEI vibes once in their lifetime.

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