7 Current Beauty Favs!

In the last few years or so I have grown a serious liking to all things under the beauty umbrella. Whether it’s a new hair product or something that caught my eye at Sephora, I tend to gravitate towards the cute little bottles, almost every time. Below are some products that I’ve been using for a few months now and have grown to love and have become part of my everyday routine so figured I’d share them with you!

Dry Shampoo | Dove

This stuff is gold. If your in-between hair washes and your hair is looking a little dull, give it a spray with this one and you’ll be looking and smelling so fresh and so clean, clean. I’ve tried a couple dry shampoos before and didn’t really like them because they either made my hair feel sticky or felt like they didn’t do anything at all. This one has been the best one I’ve found so far (without breaking the bank). It also smells ah-mazing! Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Liquid Facial Soap | CLINIQUE

This facial soap wipes the day completely off with very little product. I’m serious when I say a small bit goes a long way. The scent isn’t one of my favs, but it defiantly does wonders and is gentle on my skin. I was back and forth about how I felt about this one, but the fact that I kept grabbing for it over some of my other cleansers speaks to my under cover love for it.

Clarifying Lotion | CLINIQUE

I was using the Nivea toner (which is still a fav) before I began using this one and I defiantly noticed a difference. This product really evens out my skin tone and takes away any remaining make up or face mask that I have on even after giving my face a wash. Again, the scent isn’t my favourite but it gets the job done and makes my skin feel nice and fresh.

BB Tinted Moist Cream | per-lisse

This was actually given to me from Shaun’s sister-in-law after she received it in her ipsy bag but let me try it out and it has seriously changed my everyday “no makeup” routine. I never used a BB or CC cream before using this little guy, but wow, where have you been all my life. On those days where I’m looking al little more tired than others, I put a bit of this on and it’s a game changer. It evens out my skin and covers any blemishes without giving any kind of  heavy makeup look – it’s super light on the skin, and SPF 30.

Secret Brightening Powder | laura mercier

For what seems like forever, I have seen Youtubers and Bloggers alike using this powder to set their concealer so figured I’d finally give it a try too, and my friend, it really is amazing. It’s so finely milled and goes on softly leaving no residue or chunkiness on my face. Whatever the secret is, it works.

Radiant Creamy Concealer | NARS

Seems like I’m the last one to jump on this wagon but glad I did! I’ve used some drug store concealers before and the were horrible and didn’t do my face any justice. Again, I would see Youtubers and Bloggers using this product and figured I’d give it a try (I have it in Custard) and I have to say, it definitely lived up to its expectations; it’s very blend-able and smooth. Next time I purchase this one though, I might get it in a lighter shade, but still, no complaints here on this one.

Vinyl Liquid Linder | NYX

Liquid liner is something I’ve been trying to master for a few years now – I’m never able to get that perfect wing even when I would spend what seemed like hours trying to perfect it. However, this little one has made the process so much easier. It has a very fine tip and glides on so smoothly that I’m able to throw it on in minutes. I have some gel liners in the line up to try as well, but this has been true, tried, tested, and loved.

And that’s it! Those are my current 7 beauty favourites at the moment. Have you tried any of these, what did you think?

*This post was not sponsored by any of the above companies*

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